What our company does

Aurora Borealis influences the ways on-line shops sell their digital goods such as games and software. We also enable them to implement in-game transactions. Our close cooperation with clients helps us create the digital product, which is easy to install, understand and use for the development and improvement of sales.

Our strategies

We advise how to apply various comprehensive strategies and analyze the methods our customers use in their endeavors. Our team updates the software according to the experience of users and their needs and we never miss the newest technologies. The product is available as a desktop or mobile version for individual entrepreneurs as well as for small, middle-sized business or larger companies.

Our endeavors

Software engineers, illustrators, and usability developers actively transfer innovation. They find new approaches to create and deliver interactive entertainment software and company services to each client. Aurora Borealis deals with leading companies producing interactive software for the entertainment industry. The Company has engaged many countries and now we are going to expand the list of them.

Our teamwork and collaboration

We recognize that our team builds the success upon mutual respect and dedication of industrious people who strive for excellence and find new ways of collaboration with our partners. With our software, the clients will make great progress and their games and soft will break into the domestic and international market.

All for our customers

Thanks to the expertise of our managers, designers, engineering professionals, corporate services and advanced marketing, the customers make the most engaging and entertaining experiences for their game users. Together with the companies who distribute their digital products, we create the opportunity for each player to open the doors into the virtual world full of excitement and mystery.

Thank you!